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Overbilling already, haven't even been signed up for a full month, Why am I not surprised from this oligopoly?

I signed up for month-to-month service on May 1, 2015 (telus [koodo] or rogers, what a choice, oh boy). I received a bill for the setup costs plus a FULL MONTHS worth of charge on the seventh. Seven days of service is not a month and this is clear over billing (52.49 is far above the agreed upon plan of 38 dollars + taxes). I expect you to rectify the situation within 48 hours, or I will file a formal complaint with the CRTC, and pursue legal action. I have ZERO tolerance for your oligopoly.

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Your first bill includes partial charges from your activation date to the end of your billing cycle plus the next full month in advance. This link helps http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill
Mayumi wrote:

Your first bill includes partial charges from your activation date to the end of your billing cyc...

Is it ok if I laugh at this question and how angry this person is for no good reason?
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Hey Thomas! this is called proration, Koodo bills 30 days in advance, plus the day first few days before your billing cycle started.
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Sorry to be of almost no help, but this is a user board composed mainly of customers. We have no access to your file. You will have to contact Koodo for that. I've already posted a few times that the initial billing policy is designed to rile customers needlessly... pro-rate the first period + charge for one month in advance in one super-sizing. You are a case in point You were OK with the 38 bucks + tax... but the first bill probably covers a full month plus your initial ??? days + taxes. It would be much smarter for them to bill the way ConsumerCellular does: your 7 or so days are ~$10 plus tax. Next bill (only a few days later) will be $38 and everyone would be happy. You leave the store with a warm and fuzzy feeling rather than counting your fingers after shaking hands on a deal. Koodo: *611 - 1-866-995-6636 / 647-788-4337
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That awkward moment when OP thinks Koodo is screwing him and spews all this talk about going to the CRTC and threating legal action when it's just proration. Lol
Perhaps I wouldnt jump to the conclusion that im being screwed, if robellus didnt do it so damned often. You have created your own demons. CRTC complaints lead to serious fines; No talk, I've successfully sued Bell.