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Over charging for unexpected data usage

I am on a $30 a month contract, however I have been billed $47 for this month. I do not use data and there is no way of restricting data usage as Koodo must have 3G enabled in order to work, and so it is impossible to switch off data. Is there any way of restricting data usage to zero and not allowing you to accidentally use it and end up with unexpectedly large monthly bills?

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There is always a way to restrict the mobile data, it simply depends on which phone you have. If you have an Android, Mobile Networks > Mobile Data/Packet Data, tap to remove check mark. Iphone 4, 4s, 5, settings > general > networks > cellular data > slide to turn off. Alternately, you can add a data block on the account, however this will remove your ability to do picture messaging.
I have an S2x, and even though its settings have data disabled, I have been charged for unwanted cellular data after using Google's My Tracks apps along with GPS. It is only about 5KB at a time, but once it totals 25KB, I get charged $5.
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You may believe the data was turned off, but chances are, it wasn't actually turned off. Any data usage that you incur you are responsible for. If you do not want data usage at all, you will need to have a data block added. This will prevent all mobile data usage from happening, including picture messaging.
I have checked that my data setting was disabled before and after using My Tracks. My phone's log says that 0 bytes of data have been used. There is still some kind of data getting through. Maybe it is only a few bytes used for location purposes, and it gets rounded up to 5KB for billing.
my son has ace 2 and I turned off the package data because he only uses the phone in the house with wifi and I got a bill of data used $128 10.8gb they are saying he used I had it on the@30 month with no data but had data saver on which they switched to pay per use and now I have to fight this because There is no way we used data. He only used wifi and I only text him twice or three times and he never responded because the phone was turned off or dead or charging he also has wifi at his school but never really turned his phone on at school. This drives me bonkers Its a cheap koodo phone I can't help that the data wants to turn on even when I turn it off and stop all apps and remove apps from using data
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My kids have 200MB/ month on their plans, not GB. They use the wifi all the time and never went over(so far). 10.8GB is a lot of data usage for accidental connection. Maybe he was using data thinking he was using wifi? If you don't want him to access data, you can add a data block add-on. You will not able to use mms but you are still able to use wifi.