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outstanding fees from old account

Apparently I have an outstanding bill from like 2 years ago. Its like a $12 bill and when I called collections about it they told me I had to contact koodo. When I call Koodo it asks for the number associated with the account but the number from my account is being used by someone else now. I just want to get this bill payed. Help!

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Hi Justin, Do you still have the account number handy? You should be able to make a payment to collections while referencing the account number. Call Koodo Customer Service asap! The number for the Koodo Customer Service call centre is 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636).
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Hi Justin... even if your the number you used before is assigned to someone else now, there should be an account under your name, as Justin said, your best bet is to call Customer Service and get the account sorted out...
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Can't believe a collections agency would be harping you for $12. It should just be a write off at that point. It probably costs them more money to keep pursuing collection of the money rather than just write it off.
Hi Justin I would call the collection agency to see if they had an account number for Koodo or if you have an old bill then I would use that as a reference to start your search.