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Only want text capabilities on kid's phone. Will they be able to turn on data manually?

If I get a text only prepaid plan and connect it to an iphone, can the data be turned on and used without adding a data add-on? I do not want the data to be able to eat up the prepaid funds. I have a teenager who would suck all the data they could if they could find a way to! I would just get them a flip phone but they've already got an iphone anyway.

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You can request the data be disabled on your Koodo account! It will block the data and you would still be able to use WiFi.. You can also turn off the data on the iPhone itself but its easier to just have it blocked on his phone number on the account 🙂
Thanks for the quick response. Will she be able to manually turn it on from her phone? My concern is that she did do that while the phone was on a monthly plan that supposedly had no data and then a huge overage bill arrived. I'm wondering if prepaid is different.
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Hi Kathleen, Prepaid sounds perfect for your teen! There won't be any need to call Koodo for a data block. If you don't buy a data booster, your kid can't use data 🙂 With the $15 base plan, they can text to their heart's content all over the world. You could even make them do some chores to earn a data booster... $30 should get them 1GB and when they use that up, you will NEVER automatically be charged extra!
Good to know! Thanks a bunch 🙂
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Kathleen Burland wrote:

Good to know! Thanks a bunch :)

Just to add: if you set up the account for her and auto top up with your credit card (don't give her the password to the account then, haha), you will get 10% credit each month added to the account. That way with the $15 plan each month $1.50 is added and after a few months, she'd be able to add a data or talk booster if she wanted.