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Online Change Plan fee 10$?

  • 20 March 2021
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I just upgraded my phone this week and chose a new plan, I did everything online without any koodo staff anf I got charged 10$? When I purchased my new phone and new plan, the cost I was shown was 37.37$ after tax, due to the 120$ credit apply over a monthly plan. But that's not what my EbillPDF is showing. I got both the rate plan change and the rate plan change credit on my bill as of now.


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8 replies

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Not sure why the system put in the charge but as you said at the end, you also got credited for it  immediately above. What's the issue?

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10-10CR = 0$

As Goran said, you did not get charged for it.I am not sure where the problem is.

My bad it will be clearer with that bill PSF screenshot now. If you do 40$-10 it should be 30$ but what happened is it did 40$+10-10 which is still 40$... When I bought the phone online, just before I completed the transaction, what was shown to me was a monthly payment total of 37.37$ after taxes.



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Oh, you meant it missing $10 bill credit. 
I see those spring sale give you up to $10/mo x 12months bill credit. 

Dud you change your phone number after you change/purchase new plan and phone?

I can flag this this.

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Hi @MaxQC89 


Thanks for the report! 

Please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter so one of our reps can look into it.



I didn't change my phone number, no.

I used my self-serve account to login to the community forum especially for the koodo rep to be able to verify my account info quicker. Why do I need to use facebook or twitter for that, that doesn't make much sense to me... Several other customers who had the exact same problem as me got it fixed using this community forum medium only.


Why is this post marked as solved? My issue isn't solved yet, I just checked my bill.

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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us. No worries, the credit of 10$ will appear on the next bill for the next 12 months. The credit was applied after the current bill had been issued, hence the delay. Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we will gladly assist! 

Thank you for your help, my credit should appear on the next bill b3cause when I ordered my new phone and changed my rate plan, my monthly bill was already being process by koodo system. Have a nice day everyone.