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Online billing very slow to update?

  • 31 October 2012
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Is it just me or does koodo not update your ebill that often? I've been with koodo since July and my phone just got disconnected so I have pay an extra $35 to get it reconnected all because my online bill wasn't accurate at all. My bill is supposed to be due in 10 days and it says it's $73 online... but in reality it's over $200 (I just spent 5 days in the states roaming so I expected my bill to be updated or get a text warning if I needed to pay before my bill was due). I have no problem paying the bill I'm just upset that there was no warning aside from that text saying I have less than $60 credit left... As soon as I got that text I went online only to see the $73 bill. Do they expect you to call in for your bill every time? I just feel like it's unfair to charge me the reconnect fee when I had no way of knowing I was about to be disconnected other than some vague text.

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8 replies

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hey cryso its not that its slow to update its because your on the CLP because of this its keepign track of the billed and unbileld charges because its unbilled charges you wont see it on current balance, your gonna have to wait til the bill comes out so your self serve account will reflect it
hey cryso its not that its slow to update its because your on the CLP because of this its ke...I'm not really sure what you mean... Where am I supposed to get the most up to date billing chargers other than calling in? Usually my bill is $68 but when it goes over like this I can't just wait around for it to finally show up and get disconnected.
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hey cryso its not that its slow to update its because your on the CLP because of this its ke...Crys.. The balance showing on your self-serve is the most up to date balance, which is the $73. You will see your roaming charges on your next bill. The less than $60 credit is because you are on the Credit Limit Program which tracks billed and unbilled usage (so as soon as you hit $200, your service will be suspended). Regardless of your limit, you only need to pay the 'balance due' by the date shown..
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If that what KST reported meaning Koodo did put you on Credi limit spending cap(CLP), before any Account suspension happens, Koodo sent you (70%, 85, 100%) warning, if you did not contact Koodo to let them know that you paid or if you cannot pay you should request an arrangement to secure your account from suspension, after you reach 200$ limit cap and after you receive the 100% warning, they need 24 hours to suspend your acc account - reactivation fees are applied on your next bill if you call them back to resume your account
I didn't get any percentage warning, just the $60 credit limit text yesterday. I would have paid the full $200 if I had known it was that high and they were about to disconnect me. When I called an hour ago they said I had to pay a minimum of $127 right now which I did to get reconnected. I'm just really not happy about paying for reconnection when I was waiting to pay my bill on time like my online bill had led me to believe was okay. The lady on the phone just said to call koodo from now on any time I get any sort of warning text. Basically I'm never going to check my online account other than for data usage from now because I don't trust it to be up to date anymore. I'll just call every month which is kind of annoying but oh well.
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that $60 is a percentage warning because your on the CLP your either goign to be suspended for reaching $200 or be suspended for non pay ex:not paying a bill for 2 months which ever comes first because your about to be suspended for the CLP not for non payment you need to make thet req min payment for $126 to prevent suspension
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^Your credit limit will always be up to date and can help manage your usage. Your bill was correct for the billed period. Koodo doesn't update your bill right away when there is a new charge. You must wait for the new billing period for the previous month's PPU (pay per use) charges. If you weren't on the CLP, you this wouldn't be a problem. Just watch your credit limit! Cheers!
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Hey Crys Exactly, that is the way it works Crys, when a CLP customer uses a lot his phone for calling/texting/using data, he always has to watch his back and not to ignore CLP text messages warning, because if his plan is 30$ monthly, every 24 hours his usage is updated, so, customer can reach easily that 200$ cap if he does not report and post his minumum required payment he may go over that limit. So if you are not sure of your daily/weekly usage just call care, it will only take you few minutes to have some latest news regarding your account and avoid frequent suspensions and more fees and that will also affect your credit with Canadian Bureau of Credit