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Online Bill is not updating

Over the past 3 months, my cell phone charges have totaled $173.95. Month 1 was 57.86$, month 2 was $45.15. These two months total $103.01. I made this payment, it shows on my account that the payment was made and I have proof on my bank statement that the payment was made. My problem is that my online statement is not updating. I am now into my third month which I was charged $70.94 for. Even though I made a payment, my online balance is showing that I did and is asking for a full payment of $173.95 for the three months and is threatening me with cutting off my service. Please help fix this error.

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Depending on your method of payment it can take up to 10 days or so for the payment to show on your account. Heres an approximate time frame for each method of payment Credit Card 2 days Western Union 2 days Telephone/Online Banking 5 days Money Mart 5 days Bank ATM (registered) 5 days Bank ATM (un-registered) 10 days Cheque (via mail) 10 days Bank Teller (registered) 5 days Bank Teller (un-registered) 10 days Days are approximate..
The payment was made on December 23, 2014. So I'm hoping they are just behind schedule and that my payment will be processed soon.
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How are you paying? I would check to make sure you are paying into the correct account number (note that this is not your phone number). I would also call Koodo (*611, it's a free call) to let them know that you are paying so as not to get cut off. They can help you investigate or get you some more time to avoid service disruption
This is the record on my account Dec 22 payment received Method Of Payment Pre-authorized Direct Debit PRE-AUTH BANK Original Amount $103.01 Amount Due $103.01

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At this point I'd call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone. If it's a system error, they're the only ones who can fix it and put your account back to normal