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One Year with Koodo, quite dissatisfied.

  • 30 May 2012
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Lat year I switched to Koodo from Rogers, after hearing it was a cheaper mobile solution with better customer service. After one year, I must say, I am quite dissatisfied. When I switched to Koodo, I was put on a $200 spending limit program, which I never had with Rogers, but figured it wouldn't be so bad so I went ahead with it. This spending limit program is the most inconvenient part of Koodo, and a cash grab as well might I add. Even though Koodo looks like a cheaper solution then the typical providers, it certainly is not. Even with my base plan that totals $68, my monthly bills are always $100-$160. I don't use my phone all that much either, a few short long distance calls here and there (I'm on the long distance saver plan), and basic Blackberry data. With bills somehow reaching $160 monthly, it's incredibly easy to go over this 'cap'. When that happens, you're automatically charged a $30 re-connection fee and service is suspended. Talk about a cash grab. That makes your next bill astronomical. The billing (which I'm suppose to get an email about monthly, but rarely do) and online self serve, are also very frustrating. I occasionally (not always!) get a text message when I at 85% of my spending limit, so when I do, I go and make a payment via online banking. However, more often than not, my bill then posts before the 3-5 days it takes online banking to go through, so I'm hit with a suspension and $30 fee again automatically. This just happened to me this past month. Got a text message last week saying I was close to my spending cap, so I made a payment, but the payment wasn't processed until a day after the new bill posted. Bam. Suspended service and fee. My outstanding balance is now below my spending limit, but I'm still suspended because for 24hrs it wasn't, even though I made the payment many days earlier. Also, these bills post without being accessible via self service. I always check self service to see my ebill/account balance, but I've noticed numerous times that the self service section is often days behind the actual account status. So a bill can post to your account, but you don't even have access to it for another 2-3 business days sometimes. It's extremely frustrating. It's almost as if you have to proactively guess what your bill amount is going to be, and then make a payment two weeks prior to when you think your bill will actually come out, just to be safe and avoid any penalties. Who has the time or patience for that? Being a student who chooses not to use a credit card and instead relies on online banking, I must say, with the way the billing/self serve is setup, it's a very frustrating situation being with Koodo on a spending cap. I try my best to pay my bills on time, any rely on them to notify me when I'm close to the cap and have a bill coming up, but even if I pay my bill when I get that notification (...IF I get that notification), it's already to late and I get dinged with fees. I even called in this week to express my frustration with this, and was essentially told it was my problem and they have a policy in place that cannot be changed, so I would have to deal with it. You're just a number to them it seems. I certainly don't consider this to be good customer service. Overall, the actual service (reception), has been on par with Rogers. However, my monthly bills are always much higher, and the self serve/spending cap/billing irregularities/customer service leaves much to be desired. With Rogers, I never had a single suspension or any billing related issues, but with Koodo, it's constant. If you have a credit card and setup automatic monthly payments, Koodo might be worth looking at if you're not very concerned about your price plan. But, if you're a student who wants to pay online and rely on Koodo to notify you about upcoming bills, you might be in for a headache and lots of extra fees. Just my two cents.

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4 replies

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You make a few good points that I guess koodo could improve upon, but i'm still scratching my head about some of the other things you mentioned. you accepted the $200 cap when you joined koodo presumably fully understanding how it worked. You were put on a cap because based on your credit history or lack thereof koodo found you a potentially risky customer that they may not be able to collect on. That is just good business sense in my mind. And it sounds like you do have difficulty handling your phone expenses! How on earth are you spending a $160 with only a little use of the phone? I don't buy it by the way. Either your long distance calls are actually much longer than you think or you use the internet way too much (as opposed to going on wi-fi) and hence the high bills. these guys just got voted number one cell phone company in canada so it seems lots of people are happy with their services. If you are not getting the email notifications about your ebill regularly than your spam filter may be too tight and your email provider drops the notification into your junk folder. It happened to me. But once I fixed that i have no issues at all.
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Emil, cheers for the reply, it baffles me as well, hence the little rant. Not trying to cause a fuss, just posting my observations a year after moving over from Rogers, where I had no problems other than that I felt the plans were a little high. You're right, most of my problems are related to my high bills and this spending cap (which I wasn't on with Rogers and I believe I have fairly decent credit, although I suppose that's subjective). This cap was briefly explained to me when I signed up, but not in detail and I may have under estimated how it would affect me. Like I said, I always try and pay my bills on time, but due to the turn around with online banking (3-5 business days) and the short amount of time between receiving the notification about approaching the spending limit, and the bill actually posting, it seems like I'm always hitting the limit even though I always make it a point to pay the balance once I receive the notification. When you couple these issues with the self-serve, which I find is often delayed and has a fairly high amount of down-time, its just, well, frustrating. I'm glad to hear that a lot of people are enjoying their service with Koodo though, its certainly nice to see some other players in the game here.
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Your credit is not subjective Matthew. Equifax ( one of the major credit rating agencies) scores you on your past history and gives it to anyone who might want to inquire about you. Rogers probably had a more laxed approach. That said they seem to be struggling very badly if you read the papers and the glory recently seem to be going to telus and their side brand koodo. The new players, again according to thoes that know it better than I, will go broke within a year. Apparently they couldn't get enough customers even with their cheaper prices. Mainly because you can barely use your phone on their networks. You really should't be paying as much for your service and hopefully a koodo rep will chime in here. They sometimes do and can give you a hand on fixing your account and making sure you don't spend more than you have to.
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Hi Emil, Quick reply 🙂 What I meant by subjective is that what one company deems acceptable credit (rogers for example), another may not (koodo it seems), so that may be coming into play here. I've never had a credit problem in the past though, so I'd be curious to know what Equifax score would be considered sufficient enough to not warrant a spending cap, as this is the most frustrating part of my experience. Either way, it is what it is. I've made a plan change on my account, so we'll see a the end of the month what the damage is, hopefully its better then last month. Looking at my recent transaction history though, its quick crazy. I have made a total of $285 in payments in the last 2 weeks, and still remain suspended with an outstanding balance of $140 that I'm waiting to be processed via online banking. Because I briefly went above that $200 limit, they will not reinstate my service until that is processed. Very frustrating, but again, it is what it is. When I called into Customer Care concerning this, I was actually told in a very rude manner "[i]I hope things will turn around for you financially". I couldn't believe it, talk about condescending. I've been with Koodo for a year and in spite of my high bills every month that cause me to occasionally hit my spending limit briefly (+ incur a $30 fee), I have always taken care of my responsibilities in a timely manner. Needless to say, I was beside myself after that comment, I wish I had recorded that conversation.