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One day late payment

I paid my phone bill 1 day late (just been a crazy last few weeks my minds been everywhere), besides that I've never missed a payment and have always been on time. Will this affect my account in any way? Will they report it to the bank and mess up my credit?

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One late payment won't "mess up your credit". No need to worry. But most likely, yes it will be reported that you missed a payment. There's nothing you can do about it. You really shouldn't worry if you generally pay your bills on time.
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Hi Tania, As Ahmad said, it will be reported as a missed payment even if it is a day late. The effects shouldn't be that bad, it is your first missed payment, as long as it doesn't keep happening. To help avoid this issue in the future, you can set-up pre-authorized payments to come out of your bank account or credit card. You can do this through self-serve and this way, every time the bill is due, it will just charge the credit card and you won't have anything to worry about! Hope this helps!
It most likely will NOT be reported as a late payment. I made some late payments before, and none of them was reported. On your credit report, "30 days late" is the minimum time duration for late payments.