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One big Koodo Flex plan

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Koodo with only one big flex plan. Once upon a time, Rogers and Bell had this semi good idea, flex data plan. Why not take it to the next level. All plans starts on a low tier lets say the current plan structure $29 for 100 min and pay per use data. if the overage for Data and Voice goes over the next plan, it will jump to the next one at $35 So for months that we are not using the phone a lot we can pay as low as $29 but if we talk a lot or browse a lot, we can be paying 60,70 or 94. This will be a lot of work for the billing department For new customer, the onboarding will be simple pick the phone, pick the tab, good to go This will also streamline the sales process in store

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The first Cellular Plans back in the 1985 were self adjusting. The more you used, the cheaper per minute is became. I do not recall the exact numbers, however it went something like this: 1-250 Minutes $0.50 per minute 251-500 Minutes $0.35 per minute 501+ Minutes $0.25 per minute There was no data back then, but you get the idea.... P.s. Bell only had one plan, that was it!