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On Hold For Three Months

Can an account be "put on hold" for a few months? My son requires some "down time" from his electronics including his phone. Can I cancel/hold this account/number without loosing the subscription (it's his phone but MY credit card that's paying) Anyone? Anyone? Buhler? Anyone? Thanks!

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You can request a seasonal hold on the line for $15 a month. The only requirement is you have to leave the seassonal hold on for 1 month. If you're on a promotional price plan that Koodo no longer offers you'll lose this and there's no way for Koodo to change you back to your current plan if you request this. Your credit card will continue to come off on the due date of every bill.
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LOL.... you sounds like an awesome parent. A seasonal hold is for when you leave the country and when you reactivate you have to choose a current plan. A seasonal hold can be in place for up to 6 months and costs $15 per month. You can temporarily Suspend the account, but you will be paying the full plan amount. I am unsure how long an account can be suspended for. The easiest solution might be to take the sim card from his phone, or even take away his phone completely if that is an option.
Great Options - Thanks! OK - So it's off to the work camp for him. Perhaps I'll use his phone for a while and he can use mine. (he just has to remember to pull up the antenna if he needs better reception)
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Hey Palmo! In addition to these great answers, you can now add the “Seasonal Hold” plan ($15/month) from your Self Serve account even if you’re not leaving the country 🙂 ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.