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Notification is baseplan failed to renew?

  • 27 July 2020
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Notification if baseplan failed to renew?

Hello, does koodo have a way of sending a notification if my base plan fails to Auto-renew? I had a credit card issue, and as a result my base plan auto-renewal was declined. I did not know the base plan was not renewed, and there was no feedback from koodo. it wasnt until i tried making a phone call did I realize i was no longer on an active base plan.

Koodo, is there an option to warn users if a base plan renewal payment was not processed.


thank you

1 reply

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Admittedly, it would make sense for Koodo to send a warning that baseplan did not renew and give a 24 hour grace period to fix the problem.

All they would have to do is renew 24 hours ahead of expiration for 31 days, but that would be too easy and customer-centric.