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Noticed I was charged for an older model iphone I didn't purchase

I noticed a while back that it was cited on my bill I purchased an older model iphone 4 (although I didn't purchase that cell, I'm still using a Samsung I bought 2 years ago ...). I contacted Koodo in September ...it is now December and the bill isn't corrected. It is easy to prove I did not switch cell phones because my phone number still connects to the Samsung. I am very frustrated because I obviously don't want a bill for an older model iphone I never purchased ...never signed a contract for, never received. Any advice as although Koodo (rep) claimed it should be corrected by October, it hasn't been removed and I have not received any correspondence. Any feedback, ideas to yet again attempt to finally resolve? Other people experience this problem? It is very concerning ...I didn't read my bill closely for several months - I encourage others to do so.

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Hey Christene. I suggest you just give a call back and revert these costs right away. The person might've forgotten. Error is human!
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Hold on....what bill are you talking about? You receipt? You have to go back to the place where you got signed up with koodo. I'm pretty sure customer service won't have access to the receip at all, so calling just doesn't make sense.
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Koodo only charges you for the phone when you cancel and you get charged the tab. When you say switch phones, are you saying you bought a phone on the tab and the tab for that phone is showing up on your bill but you never switched? Then RudyW is right
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Since a Koodo rep has already acknowledged that the problem would be resolved and you state that the iPhone 4 was never in your possession to begin with, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Go with Robert's suggestion and give Koodo a call. It's possible the rep may have gotten sidetracked and inadvertently forgot to remove the iPhone 4 from your account. The only other instance I can think of where this may have been possible is if you chose an iPhone 4 initially, didn't like it, returned it within the 14 or 15 day return period and chose the Samsung device instead. Again, the iPhone 4 should have been removed from your account at that time, if in fact this was the case. Give Koodo a call asap to get this matter resolved. Customer Service: 1-866-995-6636 or *611 from your cell phone Hours of Operation: Monday − Friday: 10 am - 9 pm Saturday: 9 am - 7 pm Sunday: 9 am - 7 pm
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rikkster wrote:

Since a Koodo rep has already acknowledged that the problem would be resolved and you state that ...

that's the part that's not clear. Did she get the iPhone and then return it but it's still on her account as a tab balance? Or it just came out of no where?-:(
Hi - I never bought an iPhone ...it just appeared on my statement one month. I had several calls with Koodo customer service after I noticed it and emailed them questioning the bill error. I was told it would be investigated and removed... then, to my knowledge, nothing has been done. In September I was told I probably wouldn't see it removed until October's bill ...but it is still cited on my bill. It is now December. I have not purchased or returned an iPhone. I bought a Samsung (with glitches) 2 years ago this month, that's it. I agree, it should be easy to resolve ...but it is still on my bill. The self serve component of Koodo's website has the correct phone indicated ...but the monthly online bill states a different phone with a large outstanding sum, I have never even looked at an iPhone at Koodo... and now I never will. I will contact them yet again.... Thanks
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hopefully it'll get fixed soon
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@ Christene I think I know what's happening.....on our bill, right next to the date on the top left corner there is an image of a phone. It does look like an iphone a bit. We have thre differnt phones with koodo. None of them are iphones. The images on all the bills are the same. So, you maybe thinking it's an image of your phone that you have but it's not. The outstanding amount must be for your samsung phone.

Hi, thanks Sheila, Robert, Rikkster, & RudyW for your feedback, it's appreciated. This morning, before I followed-up on Rikkster 's advise to call Koodo, I received a call from Koodo customer service [following my email contact on Friday querying why, after several months my online monthly statement bill still cites an iPhone 4 with an outstanding sum for payment]. RudyW, although an understandable suggestion, I didn't misinterpret the graphic, an iPhone4 is named on my bill below the tab summary as my current cell... with outstanding purchase charges included. The phone I actually own should be cited here but it was removed... yet thankfully, the tab summary reflects the Samsung (actual cell), not the mystery IPhone that suddenly appeared on my bill for no known reason. I suspect someone purchased this iPhone in the summer & some glitch added it to my bill. Koodo rep said she doesn't know why a new cell charge appeared on my bill as there is no corresponding documentation to corroborate a new cell purchase - there wouldn't be, because I never purchased it. She also didn't know why it hadn't been deleted from my bill statement by now. She said my concern/contact, initiated in September has been escalated internally to another team for resolution. My concern & frustration evolves around having, for many months an 'outstanding cell purchase charge for something I didn't buy'. And now, at a time I am ready to purchase a new phone to finally get rid of my problematic Samsung, I would not wish this action to prompt billing activation on a new tab for this mystery cell once the old tab is cleared. The koodo rep said I would not be charged for this phone on an upcoming bill ...I indicated I would be pleased once the mystery cell is removed/deleted from further billing in my name. I just want the error removed from my monthly statement/bill. I will update when this bizarre charge is finally eliminated from my bill. I've been waiting since September for this matter to be resolved... I don't know why it's taking so long, but it is past time for someone at Koodo to hit a delete key on the {unexplained} iPhone addition and re-enter my actual phone. Thanks again.
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Internal investigations trying to find out what the heck happened can take time, smells like a system glitch, who knows! From what you're describing anyway. For them to make it 'disappear' from your bill I think they need to debit and credit you the tab amount and voila, it's gone from your bill. Hopefully the internal people have some idea so that it won't happen again to someone else-:)
If it is not resolved in another week or so, I suggest you file a complaint with the CCTS: https://www.ccts-cprst.ca/about/contact-us I assure you, they (Koodo) will credit your account in a matter of days, could even be hours. No customer should be waiting three+ months for a billing mistake to be fixed.