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Not receiving monthly bill credits

Hi Koodo,

I upgraded my phone in November 2018 and was told I would get $150 in bill credits over 6 months and I have yet to receive a credit on any of my bills since. I looked at some similar posts which said to wait for 3 monthly bills before the credits start. I have waited for my November, December and January bill and expected to start to receive the credits of $25 per bill starting on this February bill. That didn't happen. Can you someone please look into this my order # is HFO22084585.

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You will need to contact koodo. And they can fix this.

You can request schedule a call back via Koodo assist
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It is depended on the type of bill credits. From your description, it should have showed up from your 2nd bill. You need to contact Koodo directly and see what happened. If you had screenshot or invoice to show the $150, you should also bring it up.

Sending message to their facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Koodo) is also a good way to contact Koodo