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I have never gone over my allotted minutes for my plan. My last 2 bills have been 3x & 4x higher due to going over my allotted minutes. Although it is my responsibility to check this it would have been nice if after the Jan. bill (when Koodo saw that it was 3x more than it ever has been) they could have sent a text or email noting this and checking to see if I wanted to switch plans or something! Again totally my fault but I have been a Koodo customer for a while and would have expected them to make me aware of it and not just keep taking advantage of my higher usage! I didn't even realize I was over my limit! Do Koodo make people aware if their usage is all of a sudden extremely high??

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Hi, Jannine For data usages, Koodo gives you a text message alert everytime you go over a certain percentage. However, I am not so sure about minutes and MMS. Fortunately, due to today's awesome tech apps, you can download 3rd party apps from the google play store or the apple store to keep track of your minutes:) Apps like Vodaphone are very useful:) Hope this helps:)

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If the texts you receive from Koodo already warning of you reaching your data limit then if you have an Android device there is a built in data counter within the settings of your phone which can be set to warn you your reaching your limit as well as cut data off completely once you reach your limit. If your Android doesn't have this then it's running very old Android software and a 3rd party data counter can be downloaded like Eugene suggested. Really though it is best to just keep an eye on your data usage with the Koodo self serve app as others will include mms data as well and be slightly off.
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Isnt the first bill sent to you warning enough?