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No notification about being canceled?

  • 26 June 2015
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I went through a rough patch a few months back and suspended my phone since it was broken and I didn't have a lot of money so my bill was backed up a bit around $150. I check today to reactivate it since I now have some money an can get a new phone to start paying off my balance and they tell me my account was canceled? What the hell? I've dealt with other companies and they make a point to contact you somehow, by phone or email, if your account is going to be terminated and Koodo doesn't even bother? They have an alternate phone number and my email but I've got nothing from them, not even in my spam mail.

6 replies

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Hey Mike, Generally Koodo will try to contact you by phone, and by mail when cancelling your phone. That being said if you call customer service and make a payment by credit card, you have 90 days from the date of cancellation to be able to re-instate your account.
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Is it possible that when you called in to suspend your account, they took it that you were cancelling? Does it show on your bill the date of cancellation - as you have 90 days to reconnect (as Breanna said). what usually happens is that Koodo tries to contact you (usually using contact numbers on your account - if the only contact number is your cell phone, that makes it a lot harder) to pay the bill (usually 3 months before suspending it), and after suspending it, they will try to get you to pay the bill and reconnect your service before cancelling it. At the time of cancellation, whether it was done through Koodo or by you, you have 90 days to reactivate it. Usually if there is a debt due on the account, then they will have you pay it off before reactivating it (I am not sure if the amount is the full amount or not- sorry). The next steps in the collection process (does not sound like they pertain to you, but submitting all information about it, in case someone reads this link in the future), is try to get in touch with you through any contact information that you submitted, then it is collections (in which case you would have to pay the collections agency which would report back to koodo once it has been paid), and if they are not able to get amount owing, then it goes to a second collection agency.
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What I would do in your case, is to call customer service (1-866-995-6636) and have them look at your account to see if it was possibly cancelled as an error. It is possible that it was, in which case you would probably have to talk to a supervisor to get it reactivated. Please keep in mind that if you suspend your account then the bill would keep accumulating, even though you would not have use of your phone - Koodo's systems would show the account as suspended (hence having no use of the phone), but since it was not cancelled, you would still be charged for the price of the plan