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No bill in September??

I got my first bill on august 28. I expected to get my next one on sept 28, but haven't received anything. Self serve says my next bill is in 27 days and my next billing cycle starts October 29.... Where dud my September bill go? Why was there a month skipped in my billing? Do I only get billed every two months?? Thank you!

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Hi Sophie, You get billed every month, so you may need to contact customer service and see if they can send you the September bill. I know I received mine in September no problem, so it may have been a system error. You can dial *611 from your Koodo (free call) and press 0 a few times to speak with a rep. Hope that helps
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You can send an email to Koodo if you rather do that than calling. They reply with in 1 business day. It's really convenient imo.
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"..my next billing cycle starts October 29.... " This means your billing cycle is 29th of the month to 28th of next month. You usually receive your bill 3 to 5 days after the end of the billing cycle. So in your case you'll likely receive yours around 3rd. (My billing cycle is 15the to 14the and I usually receive my bill around 18/29the) I would contact Koodo if I don't receive it after Oct 3rd.