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New to Koodo as of Boxing Day, cannot set up pre-authorized payments

I went through the process of setting up my account fine; finished all the steps required of me via email, and my services are working fine. But when I go into my overview, it tells me I do not have a Balance Owing. If I click further into my bill, my balance is blanked out ($-.--), and I get an error message stating "Sorry! We’re having some technical issues with pre-authorized payments. Please try again later." I can neither use the Pay Now option, view the account history, nor set up pre-authorized payments. What should I do? I've already requested a callback to speak with a rep.

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When did you try it? they might have a maintenance at the time. I would suggest you try again tomorrow during daytime and see if it go through. https://www.koodomobile.com/help/setting-pre-authorized-payments
I've attempted multiple times over the last month, but keep getting error messages.
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This is strange, So you went into your selfservice and see the balance was blanked out all the time? Have you checked if your account was setup properly? or you logged into the correct account. It might be some issues with your self service.

Anyway, that would properly need some help from a Koodo rep and you already scheduled one. I would suggest you wait for it and see if he/she can resolve it for you.
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Hey @Patchhy - After looking over your account, I can confirm that your invoice should be available any day now since your billing cycle close day is the 1st of every month.

Since the line was only activated on Jan 3rd, your 1st invoice will be larger then expected since it will be for 57 days of service (Jan 3rd to Feb 1st + Feb 2nd to Mar 1st).

Here is a helpful video that explains the first invoice 🙂

Please let us know if you still have an issue making a payment once your invoice is generated.