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New monthly discounts to all customers

I personally think that Koodo needs to treat their customers with some discounts off plan or pones, whether or not the discount lasts a month or so, it is still going to be better than nothing right?

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They already offer the BYOD 10% monthly discount. What are you suggesting in terms of how Users would earn/qualify for a discount?
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Yeah sure, I'd like to get the discount. Question is why would koodo want to do this? What would they gain? They won jd power again, and that's voteb by the people so it looks like their customers are already happier with them than with any other phone company. http://www.jdpower.com/press-releases/2014-canadian-wireless-total-ownership-experience-study Telus, who owns koodo also recently reported their quarterly financial results and reading that suggests that they have the least number of customers quitting on them. Not just in Canada but from the looks of it pretty anywhere in the world.
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BYOD discount, employee discount if it applies, the tab credits off the phone. Pretty sure Koodo gives enough.