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New laws that control the Maximum Charge for data usage.

When I decided to upgrade my phone I was told that "a new law came into effect stating that I cannot be charged more than $50.00/ month for data". Why am I being billed for more than $50.00?

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That figure is for data overages. Koodo doesn't a have a just data plan. So you're probably being billed for your entire plan. Page 3 of your bill will show you exactly what your charges are for. Also some of the new laws don't apply to contracts in effect before December 2 2013. And the overage charge cap is one of them that doesn't apply. For more information about the new wireless code and how it might affect you, click this link: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/info_sht/t1302.htm From the CRTC website: [b]limit your data overage charges to $50 a month and your data roaming charges to $100 a month
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It also does not apply if you reply to the text which tells you your data has been shut off and tell them to turn it back on.