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New Koodo Customer was charged 2 Koodo tabs for the same period

  • 15 June 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi I just signed up a new account and transferred my previous account from a different provider to Koodo.  When I received my first bill I noticed that you charged me for $15 koodo tab, one for the number you assigned to me and then another koodo tab for my ported number.  So my first bill contained 2 koodo tabs for the same period under 2 different numbers.  Please can someone explain of call me?  thank you for your help.  My number is 604 401 0348

2 replies

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Not sure the exact reason but things like that can happen. Is the tab reduced by the same amount? If so then it wasn't lost or anything at least and unless you are in dire need of that money I'd leave it.

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Dont you get a credit for the firs tab you paid?