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new customer billed for unused assigned number and transferred number

  • 23 June 2020
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I signed up for the $50.00 unlimited minutes, messaging and 5 GB data monthly plan using my own phone. After activating my phone online I requested my number be changed to my telus number. I did this online through self serve as instructed by Koodo. Thus, according to Koodo documentation  is free. I later received a bill charging for the original Koodo number I never used and the telus number I’m using. I saw nothing in any documentation, specifically the service agreement that I would be charged a fee for those numbers.  $6.67 for the assigned Koodo number and $5.00 for the telus number. My questions follow:

Is there documentation I may have missed that stipulates that I should expect such charges?

Will one or both charges continue on subsequent bills?

I understand I have 30 days to dispute charges. Otherwise I am deemed to accept such charges and cannot dispute them. If I  I decide to dispute such charges, within the prescribed period, how do I go about it?

3 replies

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Can you take a screenshot of the part of the bill that reflects these charges so we know what you're talkin about

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When did your sim arrive and when did you port your number over?


When you sign up, you are activated with an assigned number that you can choose to use or to port your number over.  You billing should start based on when your sim arrives regardless of when you port your number over.


When did the billing start for the temporary number?

You can find all this by logging into your self serve and dowNloading your detailed pdf ebill​

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Whether you used it or not, between the time your line was activated and the time the port was completed the default koodo number was active on the account. You were charged a prorated portion of your plan rate for that couple of days.