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new customer bill, full charge plus partial charge

wondering about new bill have charges for the full amount plus partial charges billing period is Feb. 18th to March 17, partial charge says its for Feb. 27-Mar. 17. New customerthat signed up feb. 27th, so the full charge is 45 and the partial charge is 35

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Hello. Here's everything you need to know about your first-bill or pro-ration
Take a look at this video hoping it will make you understand : http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill

Here's a PDF of what your first bill may look like : http://koodomobile.com/samplebill.pdf
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Hey Crystal! Did you happen to change your rate plan in the middle of your cycle? We always charge you a month in advance, so as of Feb 18th you would have been billed your rate plan up until the 17th of March. If on Feb 27th you changed your plan, then we would have refunded your old plan from Feb 27th to March 17th, and charge you under the new plan from Feb 27th to March 17th. Those would have been the partial charges. On the 4th page of your invoice, you will see all of the details 🙂