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Need to pay bill, can't access self-serve

I need to pay a monthly bill that is now several days overdue, but I can't access the account online. The plan was set up with a credit card in-store, but the credit card has now expired. I made an account over a week ago and at the time it said something like "you won't have full access to the account until it is approved by the account manager." I don't really know what that means, so I've been waiting - but nothing has changed. I only have the ability to change email, password, and security question when I sign in. One problem is I don't know the account number. I possess the original contract, but I've moved twice since then so I have no idea which unopened box it's in.

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Hi Brodie, no worries this has happened before. Call *611 and tell them what you see on your self serve account. It wasn't set up properly but it's a quick fix. Also as for your late bill, you can try calling in and explain that your self serve account wasn't set up properly so you couldn't pay on time. No guarantees but as long as you're polite, there is a good chance they can waive the charge once. Also, you can find your account number under the account tab. 🙂
Self serve directs me to login to online to pay now - which it won't let me do it
I am having issues.