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My phone was activated May 2, 2013, received my 1st bill soon after

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I'm not entirely sure what your question is, but yes you should have received your first bill by now (June 15, 2013), and every first bill is pro-rated, meaning charges will be present from the time you bought the phone until your billing date, in addition to charges for your plan for the next month.
Ok, so the bill I got in May was my June bill and I shouldn't get another until July - correct? Just want to make sure I understand the billing cycle.
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You might feel "Why my bill is so high?" Here is the link of how to read your first bill (Which Josh explained to you) http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/billing-and-payment-options/how-do-i-read-my-bill
The bill you got in May most likely, I can't be for sure as I don't know your exact situation, but most likely, and normally it covers from the day you bought your phone, May 2, 2013 - Bill date, in addition to Bill date - next bill date. For example, If you bought a phone on March 9, 2013, Bill date March 13, the first bill would normally cover March 9 - March 13(billing date) and March 13 - April 13. On April 13, another bill is sent to pay for April 13 - May 13 and so on. So to answer your question, your bill in May, although it covers until your June bill date, you will get a bill in June to cover your service until you July bill date. I hope this helps
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You should get a bill once a month. If you got one "soon after" (which I understand you got a bill in May, then you should get once around the same time in June, then in July and so on and so forth