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my phone number 4373339889 request for temporary suspension purpose

  • 21 October 2020
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my name is bochen li, recently, due to the serious condition among Canada, I have moved to mainland China right now. However, I cannot afford monthly charge for my phone during this time. So I want to request a temporary suspension for my phone number 437 333 9889 until the second wave in Canada over. Moreover, I found that when I was using my phone with koodo sim card, there was no service signal popped up on my top left of my screen. Even I already paid my monthly charge for months. It still NO SERVICE  on my phone. What should I do for solving this issue? I really dont want to see this problem recurring while Im back to Canada. thanks

2 replies

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Send a private message to koodo Facebook/Koodo     https://www.facebook.com/Koodo

and request to suspend your account, request a seasonal hold 

You could also  use the Koodo Assitant

You will not be able to use your phone in China if the following conditions are not met:

  1. You have Easy Roam added to your account
  2. Your pgone has Roaming enabled
  3. Your phone is compatible for use in china www.willmyphonework.com
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Actually, the Koodo assitatnt will be useless here since you need to contact someone directly to cancel your line.