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My child is now old enough to pay for their own phone. how do I transfer the account to them?

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Call customer service and tell them you want to transfer it to your child (give their name). They'll note the account. Then, either during the same call or up to 10 days after the fact, your child can call in and ask them to complete the transfer. They'll need 2 pieces of government ID (Drivers license, passport, permanent resident card, SIN, Canadian Credit card). Any outstanding Tab balance, plan, phone #, etc. stays the same. If he/she isn't eligible to maintain a Tab, you'll be required to pay it off first but if this is their first time getting billing they'll probably get in just fine. There's a $25 fee for this and it will show on their first bill.
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Here is a post that details what has to be done. Keep in mind there is $25 fee for transferring ownership and a few other conditions. Your chill will have to have a credit check done but he/she may not pass it in which case they won't able to open a monthly account. Only prepaid. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/transfer_of_ownership_or_unlink_accounts
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You'll have to call customer service for this. (611 from the cell or 1-866-995-6636 from any phone) There's a $25 service fee for the transfer and your child will have to pass a credit check. If he/she qualifies for a negative Tab he/she will take on the Tab as well, if not you will have to pay off the remaining Tab to transfer ownership of the account to his/her name. If you don't have a negative Tab, please disregard. Also, your child will have a new account number, so make sure you get that to avoid paying the wrong account at the bank.