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My bill is wrong.. The numbers don't add up to the total.

My bill is wrong. I owe 85.99 from this month, with a past total due of 67.80. They are saying I owe 241.39 but those two numbers only add up to [b]153.99. Koodo has suspended my service even though that was only due a few days ago, so now I can't call them. What to do?

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You could be right and it may be a mistake but there are number of factors that may add up to this total, To name few

1- Koodo charge on outstanding balance 2% compounded monthly (26.82% per annum). That is a penalizing charge which may add up quickly.
2- Tab charges per month
3- GST/PST add up if your figures are net.
4- Any monthly add on, overage & roaming charges
Review your bill closely and if you rule these out then give customer care a call

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If you are on a spending cap, the $200 limit includes both billed charges and pending charges which have not yet been billed.