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My bill doesn't make sense?

I was looking at my bill and it said I overcharge, but I doesn't seem like they gave me the full 500min I signed up for. I pretty sure included airtime should be topped at 500min but it is at 429. I am assuming the free airtime is promotional. if my math is correct i should have gone over 32 airtime mins. let me know what u guys think thanks. also note i already used my goodwill credit and that why the plan changed.

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Total airtime is 918 mins Free airtime = Evenings and weekends = 386mins Included air time = air time you used = 429 mins This is because you changed your plan and you get a prorated amount of your 500 mins Chargable airtime = daytime mins used after your 429 mins allotment was finished = 103 So 386+429+103 = Total Airtime 918
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Whenever you change your plan partway through a billing cycle, there's proration. So that means you'll get 500 mins/30 days * days until your next cycle. Since it looks like you changed it on March 19th, that's 26 or 25 days between now and then. 500/30 = 16.66- * 26 = 433.33- so it looks about right.
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Proration really throws people for a loop...... Let me ask you this Sy....if you they said that your new plan is only effective starting your next bill date, would you have mind that? Maybe there is an idea somewhere to eliminate proration period, thus making everything simpler.