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Why did I get charge for a service I didn't use? Add on to newyork on the 9 th April....I didn't travel that day I missed my flight.....been trying to call u guys the same day but got no hold of no one.....I got my bill and saw the charges

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Do you mean a US Roaming Add-on? These are billed as soon as you apply them, and provide a discount on pay-per-use rates you would have incurred without the add-on. It is like insurance against high bills for roaming.  Koodo has no idea why you might not have used the add-on; for all they know, you had no calls nor sent any texts while you travelled.  That said, at times, if folks contact Koodo directly having been unable to use a travel add-on, a reimbursement may occur. You will need to contact them using the methods in the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page.