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More confused then the birds this time of year! H E L P!

Hello fellow koodo mobilers. I need some help I have the iphone 5 and downloaded the self serve app for it, well heres the problem.. On the app it says that i owe a certain amount of money if recieved by April 5, but when i login here, it says my current balance is $0.00 if recieved by April 5. Now i paid that bill cycle on March 23rd, but nothing came off. And now it's saying i owe double what i paid. If anyone could please help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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Go by the cite not the app, a lot of threads claiming the self serve app is not in sync. Koodo is working on making it more reliable. If you want to be safe just call in and double check. Hope this helps 🙂
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Hi there Melissa... I've heard this a couple of times now and happens to my wife too... if you go on the app to bill you see that you still owe money, but if then you go to payment and it says amount due 0$ since she paid the bill... This could be the same case if I understood correctly, it takes a couple of days to be updated on the app I don't know why... But if you made that payment, and you see that your amount due is 0$, no worries, for sure Koodo already received the money... Just keep an eye on the account, check both the App and on your desktop and compare, but if you said that your current balance is 0$, it is because the money is already there... 🙂