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Why I did not receive October bill notification, but received November bill notification e-mail with two months fees? I checked my e-mails I useually receive monthly e-mail notification. I could not find one for October.

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It's best to set up to recieve an email notification as well as a text message notification incase you ddon't recieve one then yyouhhave the other. Really though you can check your self serve at any time and you get billed at the same time each month so you shouldn't need to rely on being notified at all and should just make a habit of actively checking.
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If you rely on email notification, then you need to make sure that you also check your SPAM folder because if the notification email is erroneously classified as spam by your email software or provider, then you won't "receive" the notification.
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You can also select the text notification as well. This would send a text reminder.
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There are quite a few people here saying they didn't get an email notification for October. Myself included. I think there is an issue somewhere this many people can't be all wrong.