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Monthly billing with plan change in middle of billing cycle

I am changing to seasonal hold plan 9 days into my billing cycle. I am being billed the full monthly plan fee for the full billing cycle. Why is my billing not prorated to 9 days full service and the remainder of the month on the seasonal hold plan rate.

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Lets say your billing cycle close date is the 10th. You make the changes the 1st of the month *9 days until your next cycle* Your current plan is $60 New seasonal hold $15 What you use so far from the 11th *First day of billing cycle* until the 1st *plan change day* you have spent $40 which you should get a credit back of $20 The seasonal hold gets charge from the 1st until the 10th, an amount prorated of $5 plus the first month in advanced of $15.00 for the seasonal hold. Charges: for seasonal hold $20 Credits from older and more expensive plan $20 Next bill should be zero! This is just an example. Unless you provide us with accurate info. Such as Plan price, Billing cycle. Watch this video to understand how proration works with koodo → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlXFWWepQ20
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The reason the bill has not been prorated yet is that the plan change hasn't happened yet. Right now it is simply a scheduled change, and this scheduled change can be cancelled right up until the day it takes place. Once the plan change actually happens, a prorated credit will be applied to your next bill.
I believe your bill is a month behind, so your actual new plan rate will not show up on your bill until the following month, since you changed plans in the middle of the month 🙂