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Missing credit?

I got this text message the other day: "Get a $5 credit to celebrate your first base plan renewal! Remember to top up first at Self Serve or dial *611" So, my base plan renewed this morning ... but without any $5 credit. Is this because it was an automatic renewal instead of a manual one? That would seem a bit dumb of a reason ...

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Hmm interesting, I wasn't aware of the $5 credit 🙂 It sort of sounds as if you would need to top up first ("Remember to top up first"). When you said automatic renewal, did you enable auto top up using a credit card?
Yes, the auto top-up with credit card went through today.
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Ok, well you sure should receive your $5 then. Perhaps it has a delay of a few hours, if you haven't received it by tomorrow, I'd call Koodo (*611) and ask for the credit. You should also get a 10% discount credit each month and a one time bonus of 100 minutes for registering your credit card, did you get those?
Yes, I got those. Thanks 🙂
I'm in the same situation. Received the txt message for $5 credit for first base plan renewal and never received the $5 credit. Got the 10% discount and 100 minutes. Were you able to receive the $5 credit later? I'm reluctant to call *611 to get charged $5 to discuss the $5 credit as this would pretty much even out.
I sent an email to TopLevelService@koodomobile.com and a few days later they replied that they had added the credit. I was able to log on and see it. They don't add $5 worth of airtime, which is what I expected, but rather $5 gets added to your 10% base plan renewal credit. I'm not sure anything would have happened if I hadn't written in about it ... though you could also wait and see and post an update to this thread if they do add it on their own ...
I've sent an email a few days ago and got a reply and credit today. Thanks again for your suggestion.