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missing bill credit

  • 10 September 2019
  • 3 replies

I was told when I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy A50 that I would get a $100 bill credit on my 2-3 bill, this has now passed and I still do not have the credit. I only upgraded my phone for this reason! I was not informed of any other conditons that needed to be met to get this credit I just had to upgrade that day to a certain phone
I am considering switching to another company now as I can get better deals and promised credits show within 2-3 business days not 2 to 3 bill cycles, I am hoping this can be resolved.

3 replies

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Who told you that?
was it personal offer through text, Emsil or self serve?
Or was it in store promo? If so, which location?
It was in store, the Superstore mobile shop in Brdgewater Nova Scotia.
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Do you have details of this credit on a flyer, online screenshot or on the agreement?