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Missed billing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why was I not sent my electronic billing for April - I checked my email history and I have no record of the bill. TRhis is twice this has happened - the last time you sent me a notice and a brief apology. I do not like unexpected double billings. Once more and I will move to another provider....

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If you know when your bill comes out then it's always best to just check it without being told to from my experience then you have no surprises. Log into your self serve and sign up for text reminders and also make sure you have email notifications checked off just to be sure. Also download the Koodo self serve app and check it there as well. Another great thing if you can't remember is to set a reminder on your calendar on your phone, there's a bunch of ways to make sure you don't miss it and it really shouldn't be a surprise as it happens the same time every single month. Email and text reminders are sent electronically and as such like with all computers can have glitches they arnt perfect so never completely rely on them.
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You can also setup pre authorized payments from your bank or credit card so you don't have to worry about getting it paid on time.
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I'm not sure what exactly you are saying Phil. You logged in and could see your April bill? Seem really strange if that's the case, because on the koodo site it would likely also say that you owe them nothing. Something doesn't make sense.
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If you're unsure or have inadvertently forgotten the billing due date, dialing *611 is another way to find out.
Tku for your replys... I don't use a KooDoo phone - I simply pay for the phones of my wife and son. I also run a very busy small business - when a company offers to send me an electronic billing, I expect them to not miss sending me the bill. It has happened twice in 6 months with Koodoo, and never with any other company that I deal with..... It's a customer service issue - and as a business owner I view this as a possible potential symptom of another under-lying problem.... At his point, I see no further discussion is required here...I got the message...too bad I didn't, 'apparently, get a response direct from Koodoo...another red flag for me...
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Phil Jost wrote:

Tku for your replys... I don't use a KooDoo phone - I simply pay for the phones of my wife and s...

Actually the beauty of this community is that it is 99.9% customer driven... you get replies from real people, users like yourself and not some shiny smooth talking Rep. That also means you don't always get the answers you're looking for... In your situation I'd say a pre-authorized payment is the way to go... of course you are free to leave Koodo but you'd probably only be doing yourself (your own wallet, or possibly your wife and son) a disfavor especially if they are on one of the nice, now disappeared, grandfathered plans. It's up to you really, I'm sure Koodo would be sad to see you go but all we, fellow consumers, can do is answer you to the best of our ability 🙂
Clarification - - what I missed was the notice of a new billing....