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Message saying payment past due, no balance showing on self serve

  • 16 April 2020
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Hello, so I’ve recently received a text  message from koodo stating that my payment is past due and providing a link to payment options. When I click the link and sign into self serve it shows no balance owing. If I go into account history and look for the month of March it shows $0.00 as the amount due. I tried going through their automated service chat but when I enter my phone number to view my bill there it says my phone number doesnt match the account. If I try viewing my profile it just loads to a blue window and that’s it. I’ve tried all this with multiple different browsers, two different computers and on my phone.

7 replies

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Instead of going to the provided links, can you try to login to self serve from the main koodo webpage?



Have you logged into self serve successfully in the past?

Hi, yes I can log into self serve through anything but the overview page shows “you do not have a balance showing” and if I click billing it shows $0.00 balance due but its also showing the bill cycle as Feb 1-29. If I go further in, by clicking the “account history” tab, it shows me the billing period for March but it’s all $0.00 for invoice amount, previous balance and amount due. The only things I can’t seem to do are view my profile (to see the phone number linked to my account) and get any billing answers out of the automated system (because it says my phone number doesnt match my account). So in summary, koodo sent me a message saying my bill is past due, my self serve overview and account history show no balance for March (I have not paid anything for March because I can’t when it says no balance), I can’t view my profile to confirm my number which is what I need to get the automated chat to review my billing.

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@C'oves - is there a chance you may be logging into a different account from the one that you’re inquiring about? When you log into Self Serve and see the $0 balance owing, does the overview show the correct phone number you’re inquiring about?

It’s the same account I’ve been logging into for years to view my balances, usage, pay the bill etc. The only place I can find my phone number is on bills from Jan 2020 and older. Coincidentally that’s the same month I upgraded my phone and did a (successful) ownership transfer of the account from parents to myself. My bill for January (what was due feb 29th) was only $8.70, I assumed I payed the majority of my bill for that month when I purchased the phone. My account balance has actually been $0.00 for February and March and the notification I got must have been for the month of February. I have no idea what’s happened but it seems like when I transferred ownership of the account/ upgraded phones my account began no longer functioning properly but I still have full cell service.

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There's your problem. A transfer of ownership creates a brand new account in your name and transfers the line to that account. Your self serve login still points to the old account. I'd recommend contacting koodo via Facebook messenger so they can switch it over to the new account.

I have received an "ACCOUNT PAST DUE NOTICE". My due date is June 5'20.

Why was this sent??

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What does the detail in the email say? 


How do you know your May bill is due June 5? Does that bill show you missed your April bill payment?

Are you new to Koodo?