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may change service provider

I'd like to discuss my plan coverage and charges with someone, as I have noticed other companies charge less for what I am currently paying for same service. Will that cost me $10. ??!

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The plans available are the plans available so calling isn't going to do anything as far as I know. What company is offering the plan your looking at that's cheaper, is it wind?
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I agree with Paul. I don't believe koodo negotiates their plans for individuals, especially not for wind. And that just seems fair to me. Everyone pays the same. However, if you do think you are getting a better deal elsewhere , you can certainly leave koodo. A lower price doesn't always mean a better deal though, which I'm sure you are well aware of.
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And calling customer service is always free
Eastlink rep suggested because I have a "Bundle" , internet, cable etc , that with their new cell service, could cut a deal. . But you're right, it might not be the same product after all.