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Manitoba coverage outside the major cities

I am moving from Toronto to Holland Manitoba, I have heard that coverage there is the extended network but the coverage maps show it as being 4g network not extended coverage. If it is extended coverage can I use it there still?

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That's right on the edge of koodo's coverage area, which means that most of the time you'll probable be in extended coverage. The phone should work fine, but you are technically roaming on another providers network, so don't expect service (especially data) to be quite as smooth as on koodo's own network. It'll work better a bit farther north, in the Brandon to Winnipeg corridor.
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Remember that they also aren't able to give local numbers to areas outside of Koodo's coverage. If you live in the extended network you wont be able to get a local number there. My understanding is that the extended network is for people to use travelling outside of their normal coverage area, not as much for people who live outside the normal coverage area.