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Made a Payment, Hasn't registered it yet!

I made a payment today from my debit chequing account for my monthly koodo phone bill, it says that the money has been taken from my account but my koodo bill hasn't registered the payment. Just wondering if it takes a couple days or only registers on week days or? Thanks.

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It will take 3 to 5 business days to process 🙂
Hi Tery-lynn, Yes it will take up to 5 business days before it can possibly be received, however that's not always the case.
Hi Teri-lynn weekends do not count, only business days monday-friday but even when I make a payment during the business days it still takes a day or two to reflect on you koodo self-serve. No worries if the payment was deducted from your bank account then the payment most likely went through 🙂
Thanks guys! My bill is due Tuesday so hopefully it processes that day haha I completely forgot about it.
I have found that - with the Koodo self serve app - the payment doesn‘t show up until the billing cycle is up. Stressed me out my first month with Koodo, but now I don‘t even notice.