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low rate sounds great

Be the leader in the market to offer the lowest rates, smaller margin on the top line, will generate huge increase in happy customers, which will cause them to brag about the "GREAT DEAL" they got on there phone plan. Lets be honest, the most important thing in your phone package is how good a deal you got!! This increase in customers will increase your bottom line and market share, in my theory its a win for everyone!! JUST SAYIN

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I agree it sounds great, but let's be honest if they cut the rates they'll increase costs somewhere else to compensate. People already have trouble grasping the concept of paying for a phone, I doubt they would be happier paying more even if the monthly savings make up for it. It's kinda like the big here with the two year terms and the more expensive plans. They got what they wanted (shorter terms/earlier upgrades) but the carrier makes up for it by charging more for the device and per month. Same thing would happen here lower the monthly rate pay more for the phone and who knows what else?
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Well, according to Harper since they "opened" the cellphone market prices have come down. 🙂 "As a result, wireless rates have fallen nearly 20 per cent since 2008. - stated Stephen Harper"