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lost the contact to Koodo for unknown charge settledown

I purchased a Koodo phone card from BestBuy on Oct. 8 , 2017 for one month and I called koodo in the same day to advised them the account will be closed. In this month I only used in Canada. I was told that all charge is covered within $55 monthly charge.  

 I got the past due notice for 80.50 without any details. on Dec 13. 2017. I have no idea why I need to pay this money. I called Koodo three times and waited totally over 120 minutes, no one answer the phone. I also tried to use the self service, but the account is cancelled. So basically I lost any way to communicate Koodo. I do not know how to settle down this unknown charges. 

Please contact me asap.  

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Please send Koodo a private message via Facebook or Twitter. They should be able to help you faster than calling in.
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@Jie, you signed up for a monthly plan ($55) at Best Buy at the beginning of October. An agreement about this was emailed the same day or just after. You never made a payment since you opened the account. When you cancelled the final bill is for the outstanding amount. Please pay this bill by calling 1-866-99Koodo to avoid complications to your credit. Hope this explains.