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Lost my contacts! Is there a way to export Call Details?

My phone died and with it all my contacts. I was thinking of going thru my old call records to get some of the numbers back. It would be really easy if you could export the call details (to a csv or excel file) but I have only found the PDFs so far Any one have any suggestions on best way to recover contacts or how to export call detail?

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you can start by exporting the call details to a PDF file than copy /paste them to an excel file and you would have the data as a table. Let me know if it works.
thanks for your response. i thought of that but the problem is that it only pastes as one cell so you can't sort on the number. so I am not sure i would gain anytime over printing out the last 6 months call details and use a highlighter.
you can also try to paste the call details in notepad or any other text editor. I imagine that the details are delimited with spaces. I mean there is a space between the name and the phone number. After that copy paste to an excel file by using the "Text import wizard" . i hope that will be helpful .