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Long Distance Texting

If i'm at home in Canada, but want to text someone who lives in Mexico is this going to cost me? Will I have to pay extra because it is considered long distance?

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Hey Celina! all messagina across the world is free as long as you are in canada ! 🙂
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All current plans include international texting which is free. As long as your texting is being sent from canada no extra charges will apply.
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It depends on the plan that you are on. I will not say that all messaging is free - but if you have unlimited messaging than it does allow for texting anywhere in the world. If you are referring to picture messaging, this is also unlimited but it does require data use - so you may not pay for the message but you may end up paying for data use. As Rocky said, all current plans - the older plans had only 50 text messages, in which case there would be a cost of sending a text - it all depends on what plan you have - I hope this helps