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Long distance fee at Boarder crossing?

Hello. I received a long distance charge for using my phone on the Canadian side of the boarder crossing. Whats you policy on that and could I have a fee reversed? Thank you Ivan

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Hello. You can give them a call and explain the situation. They will, most of the time, understand if you are nice and polite!
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I'm not an employee, am a user like you so not aware of any policy. You can always call in to get more info, *611 from your phone. If your phone is set to switch to carriers automatically, it'll pick up towers signals from the US. To avoid this from happening in the future, set the network connection to manual, and choose Koodo network. You may also want to disable roaming. Hope this helps!
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Unfortunately, radio waves obey the laws of physics, not parliament, and thus do not stop at some line drawn on a map. Folks in border communities have been dealing with this issue for years, on both sides of the border. In addition to the suggestion made@Sheila you may wish to confirm which carrier you are connected to when near the border, before placing or receiving a call.