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Long Distance charges for People calling my cell

If I am not in my calling area (phone an Ottawa number, physically in St. John's Newfoundland) will people who call my cell be charged long distance if they are also physically in St. John's?

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Yes, if people call you and they only have a local calling plan they will be charged long distance to call you because it is still an Ottawa number.
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Something I learnt in training, "To remain local, call local"... That should answer your question. Canada Wide plans do not have that problem, this only apply to Local Plans.
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If people in St John's are calling your Ottawa number then they are paying long distance regardless of where you are. However if you are in St John's, then you can a St John's number and be local. But if you call Ottawa while in St John's it is considered a Canadian Long Distance. However if you have a Canada Wide plan then you wont see any long distance charges