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Long distance charges for local call

I was charged long distance for calling a Canadian Koodo number residing in Comox, BC, while I was in Victoria BC. The charge is 8 $ and now is part of my final bill. Cannot get through to any In-person assistance through Koodo. Can anyone help with this? Unable to pay bill until this is resolved. 

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$8 sounds like an Easy Roam charge.



To prevent this in the future, you can go into your network settings and change your network setting from Automatic to Manual and select Koodo as the network.  This will prevent any unwanted roaming when you are near the US boarder.


Regarding the charge, you will need to talk to someone from Koodo.  The easiest way would be to send Koodo private message via facebook or twitter and a rep can help you there.

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If possible, can you take a snapshot of the bill where it showed you were charged for it? (Hide/delete all personal information before posting please).

I wondered if that was an error, or you were accidentally connected to a US tower at the time of the call.