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long distance charges

  • 9 February 2021
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Why would I be charged long distance when I make a call within my province?

I did change my plan but both of them had Canada wide calling. 


Best answer by Sophia 9 February 2021, 16:08

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8 replies

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Did you have fully unlimited calls or did you have a plan with, for example 200 or 500 daytime minutes with unlimited evenings and weekends?

Sorry, I should of mentioned they both have unlimited Canada wide calling. But for some reason on the bill it said 587 free long distance mins. 

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How many minutes were you charged for? Do you live by the American border? What was the area code for the calls you got charged for?

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If you are talking about getting a message before you are connected, then that is just a standard message about long distance charges may apply. You can avoid that by dialing a 1 first.

Edit: oops sorry I missed that you were actually charged.. ignore my comment 😊


68 canada long distance charges. All calls were made within 100km radius if that. From Toronto. Not close to the border at all. 

It was a 705 area code. But they're are multiple other calls with 705 on my call record. Only 2 of those 705s were charged. 

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But how much were you actually charged?

Sorry I accidentally tapped on the check mark on Sophia response. That isn't the best answer. Not sure how to correct that mistake. 

Thank you guys for the responses. Turns out it was an error on their end. It was resolved after speaking to a representative.