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Leaving Koodo, want to keep number but transfer account

I'm thinking of leaving Koodo and transferring my account to someone else.  I want to bring my number with me to my new service provider, but keep the account to transfer to someone else.  Is there a way to do this without my account getting cancelled when I give the new company my number?  How can I go about this transfer, but keep my number?  Thanks.

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You can't. 
If you want to keep your number, you need to open an account with your new provider while your Koodo account is active.
Once porting(transfer your number) is done, your Koodo account will be close.  > So you CAN NOT give your account/plan/ pone number to someone else.

If you give your account to someone else(transfer of owner ship) first, the person keep your plan and number.  S/he could change her/his number after the transfer of the ownership, but that number(your current number) will be hold for 90 day within Koodo. > So you can't get your current number with your new provider.

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Hey there! Mayumi is correct, if you wish to port your number elsewhere you will unfortunately not be able to give your Koodo account to someone else 😞 What is your reason for leaving us though?? Prior to activating a new line and porting your number out, why don't you give us a call (*611 from your Koodo phone) so we can look over your account and see if anything can be done to keep you among our family 🙂