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LD charges not available for me to see.

How can I see the LD charges on my bill? The answer 'your province does not have access to airtime minute summaries' is confusing and unacceptable.There is no expanation for a $50 charge? I do not belileve any LD calls were made, but apparently 140 plus minutes were. I want to track this.

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There are provinces that have their own providers. (IE: Sasktel, MTS(Manitoba), etc). These are called Roaming partners & Koodo has agreements to use their towers. Because of that, information regarding calls cannot be displayed on Self Serve because of delays of information from said Roaming partner. Now, that being said, the bill itself(paper or PDF) will show you the call logs from the previous billing cycle. So you can track it that way, but you won't be able to get day to day tracking because of the Roaming partners.
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Look at the pdf. of your bill. Click on the 'Billing' tab (not 'Usage') in self serve then in the middle you will see eBill. Click that. This will bring up your detailed bill and you can go through call by call and see where the ld charges are. You must be on an older plan as the newer ones from koodo are all Nationwide. It maybe worthwhile for you to switch.

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Hi Jane! Did your province receive a new area code lately? I'm asking because that's what happened to me a couple of months ago. I'm in Quebec, and we had a new area code, 573, which Koodo was probably not aware of. Whenever I would call a 573 number, I would get charged LD. They have since added 573 to their list of Canada-wide area codes and I was refunded the (low) charges, so it's all good, but it may be what's happening to you right now. If it's a regular area code you're calling, then your online bill through self-serve would give out the answer as Chris mentioned above.
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Also, the "airtime minutes" simply refers to your airtime usage. That will not show your long distance calling. You would need to wait for the bill to come out to review your call log.